We support/donations from Nantasket Sweets

We support the local community Events. 

NANTASKET TASTE OF THE TOWN   Spend days by the sea in Hull wandering around Nantasket Beach as you enjoy a wide variety tastes and experiences across town. This package includes gift certificates from Toast, Red Sky, Nantasket Sweets, Crave, Munchies and Milk Shakes, Red Parrot, Jake's, California Underground, Local 02045, the Carousel, California Underground, and Nantasket Flowers?.! Endless opportunities while at the beach, walking the boardwalk, or a night out.  Value: $625






Jacobs school 3rd grade Battle of the Books June 2021

Hull Porch Fest June 22 2021




Music By the Sea at Nantasket- supporting and keeping the music ALIVE




Candy gift box October 2021


 BibbidiBobbidi Bright Holiday Event December 2021. Candy gift Basket 

 Hull High School Fundraiser class of 2022. March 14th 

candy gift basket

Hull PTO Read-a-thon, Hull students in grade 1-12. The Jacob’s Elementry PTO advertising to 375 family’s. Candy Card donation. Marc 2022

Swedish school in Waltham Easter 2022


Freshmen class fundraiser  Movie night 8th of April Bag of Plopp chocolate 

plopp donation to freshmen class fundraiser