More natural Candy & Home Made or local made is our misson.

To bring you fresh, delicious candy, soda, lollipops & snacks with more natural ingredients.

Natural Flavors & Colors

When looking for suppliers we alwayalways look for companies that produce candy, soda, lollipops & snacks with more natural ingredients . Melville Candy company, Harmony Springs are two of many local companies who do just that.

Home Made By Nantasket Sweets

Since the beginning of the year we have made our own Fudge, Chocolate Turtles, Sea salt Caramels & Truffles. All made from scratch with pure ingredients. Cane Sugar, Heavy-cream, butter, vanilla and Belgic or French Dark & Milk chocolate. By using the finest ingredients we are proud to deliver a very good product.

Harmony Springs Soda Composed By Nature

At Harmony Springs, we’re committed to using natural ingredients, fruit juices, and pure cane sugar to flavor our beverages. Soda pop has always been about providing fun and entertaining experiences that invigorate the tongue and tantalize the taste buds.

Delicious soda in the store
Melville Candy Company

Gourmet Flavor Lollipops embedded with a variety of specialty ingredients, Honey Spoons made with real honey in each batch, as well as extensive seasonal & trendy collections. We strive to create unique confections that make wonderful gifts. Take a trip down memory lane as you view our candies, sure to delight young and old alike!

Candy People North America

We live by our motto, “Tasting is Believing.” Our love of wholesome candy first started more than 35 years ago in a small candy shop in southern Sweden. Now sold worldwide in more than 40 countries, our candy is still made with the same simple, delicious ingredients and is always made with REAL sugar (no high fructose corn syrup!), and free of GMOs.

Wild Pops USA

Wild Pops is a gourmet pop company that is reimagining the classic American popsicle. Made with fresh fruit and real ingredients, our pops are packed with flavor in every bite. We cut every strawberry, juice every lemon, and peel every mango. Our pops taste like real fruit, because they are made with real fruit.

Fresh Popsicles in the store
Ye Old Pepper Candy Company Salem

Our old fashioned candies are made using old original recipes that have been handed down over several generations. These old fashioned treats are made in a variety of flavors that are becoming harder and harder to find. Just a taste will bring you right back to your childhood.