Why Nantasket Sweets?

Why Nantasket Sweets?

Why Nantasket Sweets?

Homemade chocolate & Swedish candy.

Swedish Candy with better natural ingredients and superior taste.
Now more than ever before,  we need to take care of our health. It's is hard to change a life style but at Nantasket Sweets you have a choice.
 It is 100% your choice to pick out and mix how much or little candy you want. Candy makes many people happy and happiness brings health and common sense.
The candy contains better ingredients made from natural fruit juices and spices to be eaten with common sense.
All sugar is bad for you we all know that.  
Our choice is to offer a less harmful sugar, pure cane Sugar candies  
(no added high fructose corn syrup).
Candy with higher quality and superior taste.
GMO Free, Gluten & Gelatin free candy, Vegan options. Some sugar free more natural ingredients. All other things in the store are local products. We work with local producers & small family owned companies.

Nantasket Sweets Chocolate:

In the Candy store you can find Swedish chocolate bestsellers and homemade, handcrafted chocolate. Since January of 2023 Nantasket Sweets are thrilled to be able to make our own collection of American New England bestsellers as Chocolate Fudge, Chocolate Turtles and Sea salt caramels. We also make a wide range of Chocolate Pralines. We do everything from scratch and do not use any artificial ingredients. We are in the beginning of an exiting journey.
All thanks to Michael Aprea who let us be in his commercial kitchen.
Michael is a wonderful angel. Sadly Michael is no longer with us.
A huge thank you you to South Shore Taco guy, who now letting us be in his commercial kitchen.
What’s the thing with the Swedish Fish?
The most known fish in U.S. must be  GUMMY HERRING FISH (Swedish Fish) – Berry flavored gummy candy that is fat free, gluten free, and gelatin free. The "Real" berry flavored fish are a product of Sweden.

HISTORY OF SWEDISH HERRING – The Herring known as “stromming” in Swedish has been a key part of Sweden’s culture for centuries. You find the fish on the "smorgasbord at any festive holiday like Christmas, Easter and Midsummer feast.  – featured here in berry gummies.

Open since Christmas Eve 2020






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