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Hull Nantasket Beach 2020

We all have our memories from our childhood Candy Store. Everyone have their own stories and memories of a Penny Candy Store. For me and my family a candy store always has been a happy place to go to with friends, grandparents & parents. Memories of your first purchase by yourself. Candy is a part of life and we want as many as possible to be able to enjoy the Swedish Candy.

My daughter is both gluten allergic and lactose intolerant so it was hard d to find candy for her when we came to USA. We spend our Saturday’s looking for candy stores in the area and we found them but the candy looked good but it didn’t taste as good as the Swedish candy. So when we saw the need we asked around and it wasn’t just us looking for better less toxic candy. 

So I contacted Swedish suppliers to see what they could offer and they loved they idea. We also wanted to be local. Local products made with natural ingredients as cane sugar instead of High fructose corn syrup. Natural flavors and colors from fruits , berries and spices. Coloring from beetroot, turmeric and berries. Massachusetts has a lot of small chocolate and sweets producers. We work with many of them and always looking for more products.

Our mission is to provide "Better-for -you" Candy and local made Sweets. Fun and Family friendly destination with some magic and joy. 

 HULL Nantasket Beach 1992

HULL 1992

The very first time I sat my foot in Hull, was on my 25th birthday 1992 November 5.

Little did I know that 30 years later I was going to own a candy store in this beautiful Town of Hull.

Just visiting my sister Eva for 10 days at that time in 1992. The visit was going to change my life forever. From that day I always wanted to come back to Nantasket Beach.

Now 30 years later and many summers spent on Nantasket Beach with my Swedish & American family me and my family are very happy to be here. It has been a long journey and it isn’t over and it isn't easy.

After many years working as a General manager in the hotel industry I have gather a lot of experience in a broad area. From  managing company business and corporation environment & team members. Climbing the ladder for personal and company success has been an interesting rewarding road. But I always want more and I always want to do better.

To owning my own company is the best thing I ever have done in my working life. Life is a lot about working and to be able to do it every day is a pleasure.

Growing up, I heard stories about my grandfathers convenient store just outside Malmköping in Sweden. He was mixing his own coffee brand and his store was a popular spot in the Town.

His name was Carl Teodor Gustafson and he started his convenient store 1929. The store got very popular and soon the big corporation laid their eyes on his business. During this time in Sweden as many as 20% of the population immigrate to USA. Today in my store I meet many of their relatives that tell me memories from their Swedish great grandparents and how came to U.S. 100 years ago.

Times was hard in Sweden in the beginning of 1900 and a new political system took form. Big corporation own by the government took over a lot of the small businesses and my grandfather was forced to sell his business to COOP 1934.


My grandfather C. T Gustafson Convenient store 1929 outside Malmkoping Sweden.


My grandparents Alva & C.T Gustafson on my father side and Britta & Algot Johansson on my mothers side, are great inspirations to everything I do. Hard working Swedes that build the Swedish country.  

 CT Gustafsonmormor