Chocolate journey fall 2021. Swedish Chocolate Marabou, Daim, Kex chocolate, Toffee , caramel

candymanor Chocolates daim gourmetchocolate marabou nantasketbeach nantasketsweets nutfreechocolate puopoloscandies safesweets sugarfreechocolate vahlrona

Why is the Swedish candy & chocolate so good? My answer is the sugar and cleaner ingredients and a softer balance in flavors. Last time we shipped in Chocolate it sold out so quickly. This time we have a bigger load of chocolate. 

Kex chocolates - a better version of KitKat
Daim Bar- Hard crispy caramel dipped in milk chocolate 
Marabou Milk chocolate -silky Milk chocolate in a big Bar
Marabou Schweitzer Nöt - Milk chocolate with hazelnut 
Gold Nougat - Creamy chocolate Nougats 
Dumle caramel- soft dense caramel dipped in milk chocolate 
Plopp - Soft creamy toffee center dipped in milk chocolate 
New fudge flavors will be in the store this week:
Candy Manor Chatham Cape Cod
Cappuccino fudge
Chocolate peanut butter 
Fantasy Turtle 
Puopolos Candies in Hingham makes some 
Sugar free chocolate for us that will be in store soon.
Safe Sweets making nut-free chocolate that will be in store very soon.
Vahlrona French gourmet dark chocolate is coming back too.
More chocolate will be added during the fall so hold on & indulge yourself with a candy & chocolate journey Fall 2021.


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