Salty or Sweet Black Licorice ?

Salty or Sweet Black Licorice ?

You need to try our new flavors of Salty Black Licorice!

Come by the store this weekend and sample. Did you know that:

Black licorice has an anti-inflammatory ability and many see licorice as an universal use product. Black licorice has a distinct flavor that can be used for food preparation and baking.

Already 4000 BC black licorice was used as medication. Good for digestion and also expectorant use. Even protecting your teeth from caries. The licorice root is the oldest toothpaste in the world.

Julius Caesar gave his soldiers licorice root to chew to prevent thirst.

The black licorice root originates from Asia, Iran, Australia, The most famous and best black licorice grows in Italy and is considered to be the very finest.

We are open Saturday, Sunday & Monday!

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