Open again 10th of March!

Open again 10th of March!

Hello all Candy Friends!

Thank you for all online orders, during the time we had to spend in Sweden this winter. My husband have a kidney failure and I have gone through a kidney donation evaluation to donate my kidney to my husband in Sweden. The good news is that we are a match and I’m healthy enough to donate mine. We are still waiting for a confirmed date so I need to go back and open up the Candy store until the actual transplantation.

I have missed everything with the Candy store and I’m looking forward to come back. During my time in Sweden I have had a lot of time to read my grandmothers old Swedish recipes and practicing baking things for the store. My plan is to have a broader Chocolate range with a local homemade collection. After this first year 2021 I have a better understanding of the market and demand for Candy .

Can’t wait to fill up the store with new Candies, Chocolate and more. Hope to see you soon and remember the online store is always open :

We are open to collaborate and help out with donations to events whenever we can. Thank you for your support it’s a pleasure to be in Hull and meet you every day! 

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