Happy summer memories from Nantasket Beach

Happy summer memories from Nantasket Beach

Sharing is the key to happiness!

There are so many things one can share in a day. In the store many people share their memories from their childhood Nantasket Beach happiness and joy. Also their story about their roots and passion. Food and Candy experience. Every day conversations with customers give me a hint for what’s new, and what is an old tradition. I learned so much from all those conversations. To indulge flavors and scents is a good way to experience something again and again. The candy store is full of scents and flavors and it’s open up memories and create new experiences.

It gives me a feeling of satisfaction to contribute with happy feelings for all customers that walk in to the store every day. Also the long tradition and history of the Nantasket Beach. The area with the amusement park Paragon Park, that once was very spectacular and fantastic, right here at Nantasket Beach. 

 The Paragon Park Museum

Today we have a new generation of happiness seeker that enjoy the Swedish candy & chocolate. Salt Water Taffy, Turtles and Sea Salted caramel at Nantasket Sweets! 

Welcome to the world of sharing!

The Candy Lady 



Summer memories from the candy store 2021 and from 1999 with my family.

new generation at nantasket

    children at nantasket beach

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