Candy Store in Hull Nantasket Beach Massachusetts

Candy Store in Hull Nantasket Beach Massachusetts

Nantasket Sweets By Swedes

My family and I are happy to be a part of this beautiful community of Hull Nantasket Beach. We want to contribute to a helping and respectful community. We want the store “Nantasket Sweets” to be a “happy place” to go to. Hopefully, it will be somewhere for children to make their first purchase and for grandparents to bring their grandchildren. It should be a place for young people to see each other and a place for all ages to indulge themselves into more healthier natural flavored candy. We plan to do collaborations with other stores or companies, Swedish and American and we will follow the theme of the season. We will be involved where we can to encourage young people in achieving their goals in whatever area their interest lies. We will support sports and healthy activities for young people. We will collaborate with Hull artists to display their art in the store with a great “Hull feeling” 

We will hire local people and expand in order to create more jobs in the area. We will work hard and be open for you, with a limit in person at the store, regards to guidelines Covid-19. We will do curbside pick up and you can also shop from our side walk window. We will offer you outstanding tastiest candy on the market single package, picked out just for you or in any size gift boxes for special occasions. We hope to bring you magic in a piece or a box. It ́ s 100% your choice! 

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