Happy Joyful Candy Easter with Family, Friends & Pets

Happy Joyful Candy Easter with Family, Friends & Pets

Finally the spring is here, we can see it with more and more light every day even if it’s hard to feel it when it’s still so cold. We got a lot of new candy and chocolate and more is arriving every day.

Make my Magic Easter Egg chose your favorite color Yellow, Light blue , Purple or Pink. Fill it with a pound of Swedish or American candy of your choice.

Big Swedish Easter Egg two pound of your choice of Candy.

Easter Marsipan,  Easter Lollipops & chocolate pops.

Easter Chocolate Bunnies, Marabou Chocolate, Kex Chocolate, French Dark Chocolate from Valrhona, Fudge and Turtle Fudge is coming in soon and much more. I’m so excited over all new candy & Chocolates. 

Thank you Hull for all support every day is a blessing.

Welcome Easter, Time for Joy and time for family and some extra time for all your pets! 

Nantasket Sweets is open every day during Easter!

Maria & Crew 


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