Creating jobs in Hull

Creating jobs in Hull

For me companies that hire people are the great heroes. I'm coming from generations of self- employed people such as my grandfather and father. They have worked hard to provide for their families and the people they have hired for their companies. My grandfather was a wholesaler with his own small general store where he made his own coffee. My father was an architect/electrician and contractor, a great entrepreneur at his time. My father has built houses for the famous ABBA in Stockholm's archipelago and many other Swedish famous people in the 1970's.

My daughter Felizia is following in his footsteps and she has built her own company in London called POA-London. She is having great success with her handbags made from apples in Florence featuring her own patented pattern.

To create jobs and help other people develop their abilities is a great pleasure for me and I feel good about coaching people in the right direction and making successes for themselves and the company. After more than 30 years in the Hotel industry as a General Manager, I´m now looking forward to do something good for Hull community.

My own family has its origin from all over the world. My oldest daughter has Caribbean roots. My younger daughter and my husband have Asian roots.   

Together we all have created a startup company called Nantasket Sweets By Swedes. We believe Americans need more healthier candy with better tastes than the current candy you find at any convenient store. Our family has all different skills to contribute with. Our youngest daughter Ella with her great skills in packaging and creative solutions. Our oldest daughter Felizia is already an entrepreneur  in London with her own brand. My husband is a master in figures and a stock market analyst. I have a passion for people and service and we all love candy. We know it's going to be a lot of hurdles and hassle but thats what´s life is about, -loving what you do and creating jobs for others like true heros.





  • Patty Finneran

    Send me the booklet of nanasket sweet @118 North Lane granville ma.01043 and 125 main Street Apt 107 westfield ma 02085 1-413-875-5599 my mom have a beach.patty finneran ASAP.

  • Jeanette Lawrence

    Swedish, yet no salty licorice 🤷‍♀️
    Peculiar! Are you planning to add some to your assortment?

  • Elizabeth

    Are you hiring? Sounds incredible!

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